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Access keys

Access keys let you navigate around a website without using your mouse. They enable users (provided their browser software permits) to jump directly to different sections of our website or certain areas within a page by pressing keys on their keyboard.

Depending on the user's browser software, access keys are usually pressed in combination with other keys such as ALT (on Windows) or CTRL (on Mac) followed by 'Return'. Please note that your browser may or may not support access keys. You should consult your browser documentation for further details.

The following table lists the access keys used on our website:

Access key Destination
0 Access keys documentation page
1 Home
2 News
3 Sitemap
4 Search
5 Publications
6 Opportunities
7 Contact Us
8 Research & Innovation
9 Knowledge Transfer
u About Us
e Events
r Agriculture Research
o Food Research
t Education & Training
p Privacy Statement
i As Gaeilge
c Accessibility
s Skip navigation

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