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Message from Director of Knowledge Transfer and Education

Dr Tom Kelly, Director of Knowledge Transfer Irish farmers are currently experiencing lower beef and cereal prices and higher costs. Market prices and demand for dairy products has been strong, however there is some evidence of a downward shift in milk prices. The risk of more volatility in farm gate prices in future remains. The only way an individual farmer can protect him or herself is to adopt low cost systems that utilise all the available research recommendations and improved practices that will maximise efficiency. Only through low cost and high efficiency can farmers ensure that they can survive during the difficult periods and maximise profit in the periods when output prices are most favourable.

Central to efficient low cost production is the adoption of newer research recommendations and improved practices. The Teagasc / Irish Farmer's Journal BETTER Farm programme is designed to provide farmers throughout the country with the opportunity to see best practice in operation and to acquire new skills. The BTAP and STAP programmes represent a fantastic opportunity for farmers to engage in best practice for the improved efficiency of their own farms.


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