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Courses Available

Advanced Certificate in Agriculture (ACA)

  • FETAC-accredited course.
  • Combination of day and night course work for full- and part-time farmers (2.5 to three years’ duration).

Part of higher education links scheme, which leads to the opportunity to pursue third-level courses.

Certificate in Animal and Crop Production (100 hours)

Held at colleges and local centres depending on demand.

Successful completion will qualify farmers for certain grant schemes

and exemptions. Successful completion leads to level 5 FETAC Specific Purpose Award.

Course content:

  • Safety on the farm
  • Soils and the environment
  • Animal health, welfare and food assurance; and
  • Introduction to farm accounts.

Certificate in Farm Business (80 hours)

Held at colleges and local centres depending on demand.

Designed to meet the training requirements of part-time farmers with non-farming qualifications in order to qualify for certain grant schemes and exemptions.

Completion leads to Level 6 FETAC Specific Purpose Award.

This course normally follows the 100-hour agricultural course.

REPS/Environment/Food Safety

REPS course: 20 hours

Takes place at local Teagasc training centres.

Deals with farming practices and production methods as required in the REPS scheme.

Environment/Food Safety Courses

  • REPS training courses
  • Pesticide application
  • Safe use of pesticide products
  • Food assurance
  • BASIS courses on plant protection
  • (on demand)
  • BASIS courses on animal remedies (on demand)
  • Animal welfare
  • Nutrient management planning

Business, Technology and Financial Management Courses

A range of modules on farm financial management and modern farming technologies.

Each course deals with a specific area of farming or financial management, e.g., dairying.

Contact your local enterprise adviser for further details on location, etc.

Monthly discussion groups also exist nationwide for farmers to discuss issues and learn from each other.

Information Technology Courses

Computer Skills

These courses, which are provided at local Teagasc centres, are aimed at improving the computer skills of farmers and other family members They are delivered at two levels: introductory and advanced.

Internet Training for Farmers

A nationwide series of internet training courses for farmers and family members is available from Teagasc. The aim is to provide practical training on how to best use your computer. Items covered on the course include:

  • using the internet
  • creating an email address
  • sending and receiving emails
  • assessing information on all aspects of your business; and
  • viewing merchant trading, milk and grain accounts


Short courses in forestry are held at specific Teagasc local training centres. Course topics include introduction to farm forestry, details on grants, and forest premiums, etc.

More specialised courses are also available, including tree surgery, hedge row management and mechanical hedge cutting. These courses take place on demand, usually in Teagasc colleges.

Rural Development Courses

To take place at local training centres.

Wide range of courses in diversified farm enterprises:

  • Start your own business
  • Alternative enterprises
  • Organic farming
  • Return to work
  • Equine courses
  • Succession planning
  • Agri-tourism
  • Amenity horticulture

The Options Programme also available as a starting point for farm families, helping them to evaluate their situation and decide how they should proceed in developing their business.

Farm Safety

To view Farm & Safety brochure click here (210KB PDF Format)

Half-day course on Completion of the Code of Practice Assessment document.
12-hour course for FETAC certificate in Farm Safety and Health - For more information click here

Food Industry Training

Training provided mainly in Ashtown Food Research Centre and Moorepark Food Research Centre. Training is also provided at local level, or on-site, where appropriate.

Contact: Paddy Browne, Assistant Director, Teagasc Education and Development Directorate. Email: