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Agricultural Catchments Programme

Protecting and improving water quality and supporting the production of high-quality food are the twin aims of the Agricultural Catchments Programme.

The Agricultural Catchments Programme, funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and run by Teagasc works with 300 farmers across six catchments to evaluate the environmental and economic effects of the NAP measures implemented under the Nitrates Directive.

The programme aims to maximize its effectiveness by encouraging farmer participation and disseminating information from the programme to a wide audience.

ACP Phase 1 Report (12MB)


Catchment Science 2015

Catchment Science 2015 was an International Conference exploring the application of catchment science to the environmental and economic challenges facing farmers, policy makers and regulators.

Information about the event is available here


Catchment Science into Policy Briefing

A briefing and discussion on the work of the Agricultural Catchments Programme, its outcomes and their policy implications was held on the 13th March 2015 at the Killeshin Hotel in Portlaoise.

The main findings of the Agricultural Catchments Programme and the policy implications in the context of meeting Ireland's water quality and food production goals were discussed.

Themed sessions covered key outcomes and through discussion their relevance to current and future agri-environmental policy were explored.

Presentations and posters available from here



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