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Food Research Staff

Name: Mr Derek Keenan Mr Derek Keenan
Contact Details: Teagasc, Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15
+353 (0)1 8059958
Research Interests: Derek’s research career to-date has been the areas of meat science and technology and prepared foods, with an emphasis on fruit. He has previously worked as a researcher in novel meat curing techniques and their effects on the eating quality and technological characteristics.
Selected Publications: View selected publications
Equipment / Technologies: Derek has extensive experience in a range of food processing and subsequent analytical techniques. In the area of meat, he has familiarity with curing, injection, tumbling and sausage manufacture. In fruit processing, he has experience with novel mild pasteurisation techniques, such as microwave and sous vide processing, as well as non-thermal pasteurisation methods, such as high pressure processing and power ultrasound. Furthermore, he has experience in formulating products containing functional ingredients, such as fibres, pre and probiotics. Analytical expertise include basic quality assessments (colour, pH, moisture, texture, rheology) and chemical analyses (spectrophotometery HPLC, and GC-MS).
Current Role / Title: Currently, Derek is working as a researcher in the Food Research Centre at Ashtown on a FIRM-funded project entitled “Understanding the physico-chemistry of the meat matrix and its potential as a delivery system for added bioactive compounds”.
Education: Derek has a BSc. in Food Science and Technology from Dublin Institute of Technology (Kevin’s Street), an MSc. in a similar discipline from University College Cork, and is currently completing his PhD. in Biosystems Engineering with University College Dublin.