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Food Research Staff: Contract Researcher

Name: Dr Sinéad Lordan Dr Sinéad Lordan
Contact Details: Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark, Fermoy, Co.Cork
+353 (0)25 42222
Research Interests: Research interests include investigating the biological effect of nutrients and phytochemicals on various cellular functions (e.g. cell death, immune response, cell repair) and in particular, investigations into cellular pathways that can be manipulated to offer possible therapeutic solutions. The implications of cellular uptake and bioaccumulation of compounds and their effect on the functional performance of the cell is another area of interest.
Selected Publications: View selected publications
Equipment / Technologies: Tissue culture, cell imaging, cellular protein analysis, Raman spectroscopy, HPLC, GC.
Current Role / Title: Research Officer
Education: BSc (University College Cork)

PhD (University College Cork)