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Forestry Grants

Teagasc provides objective and independent advisory services to all private landowners on forestry related matters. Your local forestry adviser will be able to provide you with free, independent and objective advice on any technical or financial aspect you may have regarding forestry.

Do you have a question? Ask your local Forestry Adviser:

Or have a look at one of the following grants currently open for applications:


Afforestation (GPC 1-8)
Focus is on timber production


Native Woodland Establishment
(GPC 9-10) Focus is on nature creation


Native Woodland Conservation
Focus is on nature conservation


Agro-Forestry (GPC 11)
Combining trees with grazing or silage


Forestry for Fibre (GPC 12 a&b)
Planting of trees for energy purposes


NeighbourWood Scheme
Woodlands for public use and enjoyment
Closing date: 29 April 2016

Forest Road Scheme
Construction of a harvest road


Woodland Improvement Scheme
Tending and thinning of broadleaf forests


Seed Stand and Seed Orchard Scheme
Support for seed stands and orchards


Brief Overview of Forestry Grant Rates


How do I get the work done?
incl. T&C, eligibility, applications


Interaction of forestry with other farm schemes such as  BPS, etc.

Reconstitution Scheme (Chalara)
Support following infection by Chalara


Please visit the Forestry Advice section for any technical questions you may have.


Relevant publications

Please visit the relevant sections above to view scheme-specific publications.