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Information on GM Potato Research

Assessing and monitoring the environmental impact of late blight resistant GM potatoes (2012 – 2015)

Article in Irish Examiner - 3 September - View Article

GM UPDATE - 27 August - Update

RTE Six One News - 26 July: Video Interviews

RTE News at One - 26 July: Interview with John Spink, Teagasc Head of Crops Research

Press Release: Teagasc receives licence from EPA to investigate the environmental impact of GM blight resistant potatoes

Press Release: EPA gives consent for GM potato field trials

Press Release: ASA Supports Teagasc Application for License to Research GM Potatoes

Press Release: Teagasc applying to field test GM potatoes as part of EU Research Study

Letter to Stakeholders (.doc 83kb)

Frequently Asked Questions (50KB, Word)

Public Notice (530KB, PDF)

Application for licence available on

EU research project website:

GM Research Trials taking place in Europe:

RTE Six One News (13/03/2012): Teagasc seeks permission for GM potato trial

Interview with Food writer Suzanne Campbell on the Today with Pat Kenny radio programme on RTE1 of 14th March 2012.

RTE News at 0ne with Roisin Duffy on 13th March 2012: Interview with Teagasc Researcher Ewen Mullins

Interview for Sciberia, Exploring Science in Ireland and Beyond, Gerard Cunningham visited Oak Park, and spoke to Dr Ewen Mullins about the science: Download mp3 audio file