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Teagasc produce a wide range of publications covering all aspects of our research, advisory and training programmes. These include leaflets, booklets, training manuals, a research journal, End of Project Research Reports (Technology Updates) , survey reports and conference proceedings.

Filter Publications

Teagasc publications may be filtered by year, location, topic or type to facilitate easy access to publications that are relevant to your area of interest.

Event Proceedings & Presentations

Review the papers, presentations, and speeches delivered at Teagasc conferences, seminars, and open days.


TResearch is Teagasc's research and innovation magazine. While the primary aim is to communicate Teagasc research, the magazine also aims to improve the public awareness and understanding of agri-food research generally.

Today's Farm

Today's Farm is a magazine produced by Teagasc for farmers and the agri-food industry. Today’s Farm includes up to date advice and information on business, production, environment, and countryside issues.

Technology Updates

Teagasc publishes Technology Updates for all completed major research projects. These updates are designed to ensure an effective transfer of new research information to the advisory and training services and to the end-user. They are also an easily accessible record of the main research findings.

Advisory Newsletters

Advisory Newsletters on Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Crops are published every month. A number of other newsletters on various topics including Pigs, Potatoes, Forestry and Environment are published throughout the year. These newsletters contain up to date, practical and time critical information and advice for farmers.


Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research published by Teagasc features papers on any aspect of research of direct relevance to temperate agriculture, including plant and animal sciences, food science, soils, engineering, buildings, economics and sociology.

T-Stór - Teagasc’s Open Access Repository

T-Stór makes freely available scholarly communication, including peer-reviewed articles, working papers, conference papers and other publications, created by Teagasc staff. Where material has already been published it is made available subject to the open-access policies of the original publishers.

Teagasc Submissions

Teagasc provides detailed science-based submissions on a range of issues to assist in policy formation.


View Teagasc's library of video content. For all of our latest videos please visit the Teagasc YouTube channel.