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TResearch: Communicating science

Scientific research will be one of the key drivers of the knowledge-based economy in Ireland in the future. The need for effective communication of research and the promotion of science is more important then ever, if young people are to be attracted to study science and to pursue a career in research. TResearch aims to disseminate to a wider audience some of the important scientific work being undertaken in Teagasc and in other collaborating research institutions.

The planned increase in investment in science under the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2006-2013, aims to place Ireland firmly on the global map in terms of the excellence of our research and its application for the benefit of society. It is now more essential than ever that Irish scientists engage in a genuine dialogue with the public so that the latter can better understand, support, and indeed challenge, the science that is being undertaken while, at the same time, helping scientists understand public interests and concerns.

As the national body responsible for agri-food research in Ireland, Teagasc has a statutory responsibility to disseminate its research findings to key stakeholders. TResearch is a popular science publication aimed at meeting this need. While the primary aim is to communicate Teagasc research, the magazine also aims to improve the public awareness and understanding of agri-food research generally.

TResearch Magazine Summer 2016 Beef 2016 - Profitable Technologies
Teagasc Technology Foresight 2035
Succession and inheritance
Dietary whey protein with a new facelift
TResearch Magazine Spring 2016 Communicating the bioeconomy through images
Farming and Rural Life 1916 event
Precision agriculture
Microalgae as a food source
TResearch Magazine Winter 2015 Winter 2015 Sustainable food and nutrition security
The future of Ireland’s bioeconomy
Whole genome sequencing of cattle
Grass for marginal soils
TResearch Magazine Autumn 2015 Autumn 2015 Harnessing innovation in horticulture
Foods for heart health
Improving farm safety
Sheep 2015
TResearch Magazine Summer 2015 Summer 2015 Sustainable dairy expansion
Optimum milk production systems post-quota
New markets in food from dairy
Soil fertility and dairy expansion
TResearch Magazine Spring 2015 Spring 2015 Healthy ageing: diet and lifestyle might hold the key to eternal youth
Next Generation Herd
A Virtual Centre for Crop Improvement: Boosting plant breeding to secure agricultural productivity in Ireland
Adding value to meat processing
TResearch Magazine: Winter 2014 Winter 2014 Understanding Campylobacter - the €2.4 billion bug
Carbon sequestration by hedgerows in Ireland
Animal ethics
Pesticide regulations and cereal disease control
TResearch Magazine: Autumn 2014 Autumn 2014 Irish Soil Information System goes live
Schmallenberg - a disease of cattle and sheep
CheeseBoard 2015
Consumer meat quality expectations
TResearch Magazine: Summer 2014 Summer 2014 International Year of Family Farming
Sediment fingerprinting
Sensory food network
Energy from pig manure
TResearch Magazine: Spring 2014 Spring 2014 Modelling pests in a changing climate
Automatic milking systems
Milk sugars and human health
Potential of nanotechnology in agri-food
TResearch Magazine: Winter2013 Winter 2013 Monitoring grass from space
Animal breeding using DNA technologies
Drain, drain, sustain
Reshaping the human body using whey proteins
TResearch Magazine: Autumn 2013 Autumn 2013 A galaxy within us - A special focus on our gut microbiota and how it can be programmed by food
Forty years of Irish farming in the EU
Energy demand in dairy
Mush TV – innovation for EU mushroom sector
TResearch Magazine: Summer 2013 Summer 2013 Greenhouse Gases & Animal Agriculture Conference
Modelling GHG emissions
Agriculture in climate change negotiations
Improving feed efficiency
TResearch Magazine: Spring 2013 Spring 2013 Promoting phosphorus in soils
Renewed emphasis on agri-food research funding
Breeding for quality
Lessons for effective and effi cient knowledge transfer
TResearch Magazine: Winter 2012 Winter 2012 Introducing T-stór – Teagasc’s new open access repository
Electricity and heat from biomass
Replacement heifer management to maximise performance
Productivity and income
TResearch Magazine: Autumn 2012 Autumn 2012 The great debate on the battle to feed a changing planet
Food solutions for weight management
Supporting rural enterprise development
Wood energy potential of farm forestry
TResearch Magazine Cover: Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Science supporting Ireland’s agri-food indistry - Teagasc @ ESOF2012
TResearch Magazine Cover: Spring 2012 Spring 2012 Milk quality - increasing production while maintaining standards
Food Harvest 2020: a brighter shade of green?
Making the most of colostrum
Improving forage maize production in Ireland
TResearch Magazine Cover: Winter 2011 Winter 2011 Improving farm safety – getting inside the mind of animals
Food choices – what’s my motivation?
Dairy bull beef production
Nutrient loads from agri-catchments
TResearch Magazine Cover: Autumn 2011 Autumn 2011 Energy crops – achieving a balance
Seaweed – does the heart good
Epigenetics – linking nurture to nature
Improving the national breeding programme
TResearch Magazine Cover: Summer 2011 Summer 2011 Molecular gastronomy
The challenge of global food security
Reducing nitrogen loss using inhibitors
Shedding light on the milking routine
TResearch Magazine Cover: Spring 2011 Spring 2011 microRNAs - a quantum leap for biology
Grass to energy and back again?
Volatility in agricultural markets
Next-generation sequencing and food microbiology
TResearch Magazine Cover: Winter 2010 Winter 2010 Growing grass for a green biorefinery – an option for Ireland?
Mind the gap: deciphering the gap between good intentions and healthy eating behaviour
Halting biodiversity loss by 2020 – implications for agriculture
A milk processing sector model for Ireland
TResearch Magazine Cover: Autumn 2010 Autumn 2010 Waste not, want not: producing compost from waste
Novel animal biotechnologies: a quandary for Irish agri-food stakeholders
Understanding and facilitating farmers’ adoption of technologies
Meeting your hot water demand
TResearch Magazine Cover: Summer 2010 Summer 2010 Reducing salt in ready meals
Farm fatalities in Ireland
Forest productivity map
Perfect strawberry plant
TResearch Magazine Cover: Spring 2010 Spring 2010 Mapping Ireland’s soils
Bioencapsulation of vaccines
Protecting environmental water quality from microbial pathogens
Consumer insights: bridging the value gap
TResearch Magazine Cover: Winter 2009 Winter 2009 International pathogenic Escherichia coli conference
Anthelmintic drug residue analysis
Understanding bioinformatics
Mushroom virus X
TResearch Magazine Cover: Autumn 2009 Autumn 2009 Discovering subsurface denitrification
Measuring farm sustainability
The power of plants
TResearch Magazine Cover: Summer 2009 Summer 2009 THE IRISH DAIRY INDUSTRY: Challenges and opportunities
Challenges and opportunities
TResearch Magazine Cover: Spring 2009 Spring 2009 Bioencapsulation – creating a safe haven for sensitive ingredients
Banking on DNA
Climate change and agriculture
Twin global insecurities: food and energy
TResearch Magazine Cover: Winter 2008 Winter 2008 Herbivore hitchhikers
The science of soils
Teagasc hill sheep farm
Grazing in wet weather
TResearch Magazine Cover: Autumn 2008 Autumn 2008 Producing better beef
Dairy cow welfare
Innovation on Irish farms
Breed composition of the national sheep flock
TResearch Magazine Cover: Summer 2008 Summer 2008 Celebrating fifty years of scientific research
TResearch Magazine Cover: Spring 2008 Spring 2008 Unlocking farm forest potential
Mobilising soil phosphate
E. sakazakii – an emerging pathogen
Nitrogen efficiency for grazing cows
TResearch Magazine Cover: Winter 2007 Winter 2007 Lough Melvin: working together to protect a unique environment
Interview: Teagasc’s new Director, Professor Gerry Boyle
The new nutraceuticals
Winter feeding of dairy cows
TResearch Magazine Cover: Autumn 2007 Autumn 2007 Putting a value on access to farmland
Interview: Professor Patrick Cunningham
Managing mastitis more effectively
New dimensions in cereal research
Reversing the decline of farmland birds
TResearch Magazine Cover: Summer 2007 Summer 2007 Plight of the bumblebee
Organic farming: unblocking the bottlenecks
Beefing up meat quality
Improving oestrus detection
TResearch Magazine Cover: Spring 2007 Spring 2007 Breeding new potato varieties
New era in bovine genomics
Harnessing the power of IP
Fuels of the future
Anti-tumour milk protein
TResearch Magazine Cover: Winter 2006 Winter 2006 Cream of the crop - Improving food quality through novel processing technologies