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How to get your invoices paid

Supplier Queries

General supplier queries should be emailed to accounts.payable@teagasc.ie or alternatively you can call us directly on 00353 (0)599170244

Invoice Quality

To enable processing invoices must clearly state the following information:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Supplier Name
  • Supplier Address
  • Billing Address (if different from Supplier Address)
  • VAT Registration Number (If applicable)
  • A valid purchase order number
  • RCT disclosure narrative (if applicable by principal contractors)
  • Clear description of Product or Service supplied
  • Volumes and prices of items supplied
  • VAT Rate applicable
  • Breakdown of VAT charged
  • Net and gross charge of product or service

Invoices received as stipulated above will be paid promptly otherwise invoices will be returned to the supplier unpaid for correction. Credit notes are required to display the same information as above. We expect invoices & credit notes to be printed where possible.

Tax Clearance Certs

A Tax Clearance Certificate is confirmation from Revenue that a person's/entity's tax affairs are in order at the date of issue of the certificate. A condition of obtaining a public sector contract of a value of €10,000 or more, (inclusive of VAT), within any 12 months period, is that the contractor is required to produce a TCC or demonstrate a satisfactory level of tax compliance. Such contracts can involve the purchase, hiring, leasing of goods, services or property by public authorities. Examples of the types of goods/services covered in such contracts are plant hire, cleaning or security, consultancies for management, legal or design services.

The tax clearance requirement applies even where the provision of goods or services is not the subject of a formal written contract.

Electronic Tax Clearance (eTC)

Processing of tax clearance applications, certificates issued by the Collector-General and verification by third parties, is all in electronic format.

Applications in eTax Clearance are processed in real time. Customers who are tax compliant receive a Tax Clearance Access Number, which along with their PPSN/Reference number they give to a third party to verify their tax clearance details.

See revenue online for more information

Tax Clearance Certificate – Non Residents

Non–residents who are not registered for Irish Tax cannot apply on-line for a TCC. The TCI is available on the Revenue website or by e-mailing nonrestaxclearance@revenue.ie.


Relevant Contract Tax (RCT)

If RCT (Relevant Contract Tax) is applicable to your activity with Teagasc please ensure that no VAT is charged and the following narrative is included on your invoice VAT on this supply to be accounted for by the Principal Contractor”. You will be requested to re-submit a correct invoice in the event that the initial invoice isn’t correctly completed where RCT is applicable. Hand-writing the narrative onto your invoice is not acceptable unless the invoice itself is hand-written.


Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT)

A withholding tax, at the rate of 20 per cent, is deductible at source from payments for "professional services" made to individuals and companies by "accountable persons" (Government Departments, local authorities, health boards, State bodies, etc.). The tax is charged on payments net of value-added tax.

Any person (including a company) receiving a payment from an accountable person in respect of professional services is liable for the tax. A wide range of professional services is included. Non-residents come within the ambit of the scheme but they are entitled to a full refund if the income is not chargeable to Irish tax.


Supplier Statements

Suppliers should submit monthly statements to Teagasc Accounts Payable. Statements should be e-mailed in PDF format to accounts.payable@teagasc.ie

Alternatively hard copy statements should be posted to:

Teagasc Accounts Payable,
c/o KOSI House,
3 The Old Gasworks
77 Kilmorey Street,
Co. Down, BT34 2DH

Change of Bank Account Details

Should you need to change your bank details going forward we will require the requested change containing the new bank information (BIC, IBAN, NSC and ACCOUNT NUMBER) to be submitted on your company headed paper, dated and signed by an authorised official of your company above their name in block capitals, quoting their position.

If you don't have company headed paper we will require a copy of the header details of your new bank account, showing the account name and your BIC, IBAN, NSC and ACCOUNT NUMBER which will need to be signed and dated with the signatories name in block capitals also as well as their position in the organisation.