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Nitrates Derogation

2021 Derogation Calendar for Cork: Zone A

 2021 Derogation Calendar for Cork Zone A view as PDF (302 KB)



Derogation/Water Quality

Water Quality Regulations View as PDF (1MB)


Ireland’s nitrates derogation allows farmers to farm at higher stocking rates, above 170 kg livestock manure nitrogen/ha up to 250 nitrogen/ha, (up to 3LU’s cows/ha across the entire land declared on BPS). This is subject to additional conditions designed to protect the environment. 

Click here for further information on the 8 additional changes that derogation farmers have to comply with this year/2021.



Attention Derogation Farmers: Closing time is approaching

We are 2 months away from the start of the closed period for chemical fertilisers (14th Sept is the last day N & P fertiliser can be spread).  Right now is a good time to check back with your fertiliser plan and see how you are progressing.  It is important to know what your N & P limits are and stick with them but equally important to see have you addressed any soil fertility issues on your farm.


1. Know your N & P Allowances

  • What is your 2020 N allowance & what is left?
  • What is your 2020 P allowance & what is left?

2. Know your K Recommendations

  • Straight K (e.g. Muriate of Potash) can be spread at any time of the year. Follow the recommendations as set out in your fertiliser plan (based on your soil results). Pay particular attention to paddocks where surplus bales have been taken. From the table below you can see that for every bale per acre taken off 10 units of K are also taken off – prioritise slurry or straight K for these fields. 

Table 1: Units of N, P & K removed per acre depending on number of bales per acre

3. Know what tonnage of lime is to be spread.

We all know liming is the starting point when addressing soil fertility issues (target 6.3 for grassland). Correct pH ensures that N & P is used efficiently in the soil for maximum returns in terms of grass growth.  A liming programme is now mandatory (as of this year) as part of derogation requirements. For example if your soil results show a requirement for 100 tonnes of lime, 60t must be spread this year.

4. Take Stock

Put together a list of your fertiliser purchases for the year to date and contact your Advisor to see where you stand.

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 New Derogation Requirements view as PDF (318 KB)