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Monitor Farm Updates


Teagasc/Tirlán 11th November 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 21st October 2022

Teagasc/Tirlán 20th October 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 7th October 2022

Teagasc/Tirlán 7th October 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 23rd September 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 23rd September 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 16th September 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 9th September 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 2nd September 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 26th August 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 19th August 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 12th August 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 22nd July 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 22nd July 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 15th July 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 8th July 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 8th July 2022


Teagasc/Glanbia 24th June 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 24th June 2022

 Teagasc/Glanbia 10th June 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 10th June 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 20th May 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 6th May 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 29th April 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 28th April 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 12th April 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 1st April 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 21st March 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold 16th March 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 7th March 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia End of February 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 25th February 2022

Teagasc/Glanbia 1st & 2nd Week February 2022

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 4th February 2022



Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 3rd December 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 29th October 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 15th October 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 1st October 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 24th September 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 17th September 2021 

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 10th September 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 3rd September 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 27th August 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 26th August 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 20th August 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 13th August 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 11th August 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 6th August 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 30th July 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 23rd July 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 14th July 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 2nd July 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 1st July 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 25th June 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 18th June 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 16th June 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 11th June 2021

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 4th June 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 2nd June 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 18th May 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 5th May 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week 19th April 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 1st April 2021

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 17th March 2021
John Ryan March Update Video: https://youtu.be/LPGiy7VsQIY

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 26th February 2021
Shane Fitzgerald video: https://youtu.be/8lZteA8Gj7I

Summary of Profit Monitor Results 2020 Dairygold Demonstration Farmers
Summary of 2020 Monitor Farmer Profit Monitors view as PDF (472.7 KB)

Teagasc/Glanbia Summary December 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 4th December 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Breeding Summary2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 13th November 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 6th November 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Breeding Season Update 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 30th October 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 23rd October 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 23rd October 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 16th October 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 16th October 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 9th October 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 8th October 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 2nd October 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 25th September 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 24th September 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 17th September 2020 

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 11th September 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 9th September 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 4th September 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 2nd September 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 28th August 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 26th August 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 21st August 2020 

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 21st August 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 14th August 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 14th August 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 24th July 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 17th July 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 15th July 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 10th July 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 10th July 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 3rd July 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 2nd July 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 26th June 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 25th June 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 19th June 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 18th June 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 12th June 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 11th June 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 5th June 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 4th June 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 29th May 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 28th May 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 22nd May 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 21st May 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 15th May 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 14th May 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 8th May 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 7th May 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 1st May 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 29th April 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 24th April 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 22nd April 2020

Teagasc/Glanbia Week Ending 15th April 2020

Teagasc/Dairygold Week Ending 17th April 2020