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Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are groups of farmers that meet regularly to discuss technical issues, share information and problem solve.  They are facilitated by specially trained  Teagasc Advisers.  

Discussion Groups take place regularly throughout the year.  They give farmers the opportunity to share ideas, solve problems and acquire technical expertise.  There is also a social aspect where farmers find support, encouragement and new friendships.

Farmers get the opportunity to see and experience ideas on member’s farms and validate information with their adviser.

Factors that contribute to discussion group success include:

  • A chairman whose principal roles are to organise group meetings, steer the group sessions and liaise with the facilitator.
  • A timetable/schedule of the dates, venues and topics for the discussion group at the start of the year.
  • A well trained facilitator – Teagasc advisers receive regular facilitation skills in-service training.

To join a Discussion Group contact the offices at:

  • Kimallock: 063-98049
  • Tralee:  066 7125077