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Closing Date for BEAM Deferral Fast Approaching 

By Ciaran Beatty,

Teagasc Drystock Advisor,


The closing date for the BEAM (Beef Exceptional Aid Measure) deferral is on Monday, June 21st next. BEAM participants have until this date to change their reduction period from the 1/7/20 – 1/7/21 to the new period of 1/1/21 – 31/12/21 to meet the 5% reduction requirement. Failure to meet the 5% reduction may result in part or all of the BEAM monies received having to be repaid back to the Dept. of Agriculture.  Approximately 33,000 farmers received €78 million from BEAM in 2019, with the average payment for Roscommon farmers amounting to €1,750 apiece. Unfortunately recent reports suggest that up to 50% of BEAM participants are not currently meeting the 5% reduction requirement and are currently facing the prospect of having to repay monies received under this measure.


Apply online

The deferral has to be applied for online by either the farmer or his Adviser/Consultant by the 21/6/2021 deadline.  The deferral is really giving the farmer two chances to meeting the reduction which can buy extra time for the farmer to reduce cattle numbers and meet the reduction target of 5%. The Dept. of Agriculture have recently confirmed that if a BEAM participant choose to defer but then meets the 5% target within the original reduction period (i.e. By June 30th, 2021), they will be advised that they have met the requirement and be removed from the later reduction period.


Nitrates Reports

The Dept. of Agriculture are currently sending out monthly Nitrogen reports to participating farmers to outline their current situation.

Here is an example of one sent recently:


Reference Nitrates

3478 Kgs

Target Nitrates

3304 Kgs

Minimum Reduction

174 Kgs

Accumulated Nitrates

2947 Kgs

Remaining Nitrates

357 Kgs

Projected Nitrates

623 Kgs


What you need to focus is on the last 2 figures where the farmer’s projected Nitrogen figures are way higher than his remaining allowance thus this farmer is in trouble and has applied for the deferral to give him more time to get his cattle numbers down as he will not currently meet the 30th June deadline.


Consult your Advisor

It is vital even at this late stage that if you are still confused and do not understand the letters being sent to you from the Dept. of Agriculture in relation to BEAM that you contact your Adviser/Consultant immediately to see what your current position is in relation to meeting the reduction. Nobody wants to have to pay back money already spent!


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