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Knowledge Transfer!!! Need to know basis

By Brian Daily,

Teagasc Beef & Sheep Advisor

Roscommon Town


Officially the KT program ended its three year cycle in the last few weeks, and as of yet no announcements have been made regarding the future of this programme by the Department of Agriculture. The KT (Knowledge Transfer) part of the title was the key, in that the latest research & technical improvements, breeding indexes, grassland technology etc. were all topics that were discussed on a regular basis during the discussion group’s regular meetings and many the heated and informed discussion came out of these meetings.

However, from my personal experience the meetings that stood out most over the years (felt like decades at times) were a recent enough experience. Through collaboration with Roscommon Fire Services, HSE, Roscommon Civil Defence & Teagasc we held four two Hour KT meetings in the Civil Defence buildings with Mr Derek Nolan, Advanced Paramedic & Civil Defence Volunteer.

To say that the four meetings went down well would be an understatement, the range & breadth of knowledge Derek gave on the services that are provided from racecourse meetings with the Civil Defence to the advanced life-saving gear that paramedics carry in their response vehicles was mindboggling. The importance of being able to make an emergency call, stay calm, relay the facts as you see them, give a precise location (an eircode preferably), how to stabilise an injured party without interfering with injuries was astounding. To be honest I felt a little ashamed of my ignorance in these matters and I’m married to a medical professional!!

Further information involved the all too familiar sight nowadays of the Emergency Response Helicopter, its base in Athlone is reassuringly close, and the amount of trips it has to make in a day. We are blessed despite everything we hear & read in the media to have this service available to us and how quickly it can ferry someone to a centre of excellence.

To this end the seventy five members of the four discussion groups, including myself have signed up to four further two hour sessions that will go through in slightly more detail subjects like Bandaging, CPR, Defibrillator training, Mental Wellness, Life preserving measures and general information regarding Cardiac & Pulmonary Arrest. These meetings (8 hours in total) will be run with the aforementioned services this October/November over a number of weeks to cater for the numbers and will provide group & individual training.

If you think you may benefit from this, we may be able to accommodate you in 2020 if there is sufficient uptake in the local community. Please phone the Teagasc Roscommon office and ask to be put on the register. Remember, Knowledge Transfer, it’s more than a need to know basis!!!


Teagasc provides a Local Advisory and Education service to farmers. They have offices based in Roscommon Town  (Tel: 090 6626166), Castlerea (Tel: 094 9620160) and Longford Town (Tel: 043 3341021), You can find us on Facebook @Teagascroscommonlongford.