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Why do you need better quality silage? (PDF)

What fodder is required on the farm for next Winter? (PDF)

Silage Quality

Unlock the true potential from your silage next winter

Why do you need better quality silage?

High DMD silage (75% DMD), that is a leafy silage sward prior to mowing, can add value to your stock on a lower feed cost as highlighted in the table below. 

Silage QualityGood 72% DMDAverage 68% DMDPoor 62% DMDVery Poor 55% DMD
Concentrate required (kg/hd/day) 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.5
Concentrate required (kg/hd/day)
100 weanlings /140 day winter
14 ton 28 ton 42 ton 63 ton
Concentrate costs over winter €3,500 €7,000 €10,500 €15,700
Liveweight gain (kg/140 day winter)
Silage only
102 78 49 15

Delaying your cutting date costs approximately €500/day!

How can you achieve this?

Soil Fertility - Effects Silage on Yield and Quality

A good fertiliser programme will allow you to decide your silage DMD.

Based on your soil results you can work out your requirements below.


Units /acre:


Is your 2nd Cut fertiliser plan adequate?

*Slurry can be a very variable product and should not be overvalued.

2000 gallons of slurry is approximately = 1.5 bag of 0-7-30          

Address this deficit to achieve the true potential from your silage:

Higher weight gain at low costs next winter

What fodder is required on the farm for next Winter?

Complete This Now

Animal TypeABC 
  No. of stock to be kept over the winter  Number of Months 

Pit Silage


Total tonnes of

silage needed - multiply A x B X C 

Dairy Cows      1.6   
 Suckler Cows     1.4  
 0-1 yr olds      0.7  
 1-2 yr olds      1.3  
 2+ yr olds      1.3  
 Ewes      0.15  
 Total tonnes needed        
Total Bales needed (tonnes Multiplied x 1.1)    

Section 2:  Records of Silage made in 2021

Complete This During the Summer

Date Cut

Estimated Quality

Bales/Tonnes Made













Section 3:  Surplus/Deficit?

  1. Bales/Tonnes Required ______________________
  2. Bales/Tonnes made to date ______________________

You need to build up reserves for the next Fodder Shortage

Have you one month’s additional supply?

If short consult your adviser for a Feed Programme