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Signpost Demonstration Farmers Tipperary

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Signpost Dairy Farmers

John Ryan, Gortnahoe | Ned Kelly, BallycommonJohn & Debbie Sheridan, Borrisoleigh | Edwin Thompson, Golden Solohead Research Farm | Mark Lonergan, Rosegreen, | John Walsh, Ballylooby 

John Ryan, Gortnahoe

John is farming with his father Tom near Gortnahoe in Co. Tipperary. They are farming 81 Ha. They were new entrants to milk in 2011. The milking platform is 34 Ha. Their plan is to hold cow numbers & increase milk solids per cow to 550 Kg trough better genetics, maturity of the herd and grass.

Current Farm Update


John Ryan Farm 31st May 2024

John Ryan Farm 31st May 2024

  • Milk litres/Day:       23.3
  • Fat %:                    4.15
  • Protein %:              3.45
  • Milk Solids/Day kg:  1.82
  • SCC:                      168
  • Meal Kg                   3
  • Average Farm Cover:703
  • Cover/cow                142
  • Pre Grazing yield       1500
  • Growth Rate:            73
  • Demand                   74


  • Growth is almost matching demand, grass supply is slightly tight but predicted growth rate for the week ahead should see that recover.
  • 1st cut silage is finished off. Silage yield was a little back, averaging 6.5 bales/acre in certain fields and 8.5 bales/acre on the better silage field



Ned Kelly, Ballycommon, Nenagh

Ned, an Arrabawn supplier, farms 132Ha with his father William. 45Ha is owned and 87Ha leased. Overall stocking rate for 2020 was 129kg N/Ha. Herd EBI is €137, replacement in-calf heifer EBI is €185. 6 week calving rate is 72%. In 2020, the cows produced 537kg MS. Facilities on the farm are very good, including grazing infrastructure. All farm roads constructed/re-surfaced in the past 2 years.

Current farm update

John & Debbie Sheridan, Borrisoleigh

John and Debbie farm 68ha in Killoskehane, Borrisoleigh. They supply Centenary, Thurles. They have a young family and use some weekend help. They are stocked at 211kg N/ha. In 2021 they milked 122 cows. The EBI of the herd is €153 & the heifers are €174. The cows produced 472kg MS/cow in 2020. Soil type is heavy to medium clay. Its a late Spring grass farm. Facilities on the farm is very good for housing and feed storage while milking facilities and grazing infrastructure are good.

Current farm update 

Edwin Thompson, Kilmore House, Golden. 

Edwin is farming 86ha and is stocked at 193kg N/ha  There are 2 family members working on the farm with one hired person. In 2021 they milked 150 cows. The EBI of the herd is €158 and the heifers are €181. The 6 week calving rate is 84%. The cows produced 505kg MS/cow in 2020. Soil type is heavy clay. Facilities on the farm is very good for milking facilities, housing and grazing infrastructure.

Current farm update

Mark Lonergan, Rosegreen

Mark's main enterprise is dairying, milking 106 cows. He is farming 59.96Ha. Overall stocking rate was 206kg organic N/Ha in 2020. EBI of the herd is €167 & the heifers are €194. 6 week calving rate is 89%. Cows produced 560kg MS/cow in 2020. Soil type is free draining. Grass grown in 2020 was 13.9t DM/Ha.

Current farm update


John Walsh, Ballylooby

John & Brendan Walsh farm 102.34Ha together, milking 132 cows with a calf to beef enterprise also. The overall stocking rate is 178kg organic N/Ha. The EBI of the herd is €165 & the heifers are €196. The 6 week calving rate is 84%. The cows produced 539kg MS/cow in 2020. Soil quality is sandy clay. Grass grown was 14.8t DM/Ha in 2020. 

Current farm update



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