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Dairy Business and Technology Programme

Improving the profitability and lifestyle of dairy farmers.

This programme entails:

  • Financial analysis and short- and long-term planning
  • Grass management and budgeting
  • A dairy cattle breeding analysis and plan
  • Environmental and nutrient management planning; and
  • Planning and using labour-efficient systems of farming and milk production
  • It also provides:
  • Increased grass quality and utilisation;
  • Higher milk solids per cow from more fertile cows;
  • Participation in discussion groups providing regular opportunities to interact with like-minded farmers aimed at improving technical knowledge, problem solving ability and access to improved lifestyle choices and increased social outlets
  • Maintaining sustainable systems of milk production while adhering to all aspects of environmental legislation; and
  • Increased productivity from available labour in a sustainable manner while managing a target of 120 livestock units per full-time worker on the farm

Why is this important?

The dairy industry is undergoing the greatest period of change since the implementation of the milk quota regime - more volatile milk price in the future, increased environmental regulation, labour shortage and increased input costs. Dairy farmers will require the most up-to-date technical and financial planning service available. Such a service can only be delivered by a dedicated team of highly trained and focused professionals.

Why use the programme?

  • Proper financial analysis was found to be worth approximately €2,000 per farm to those who carefully analysed their business on a regular basis. Teagasc B&T advisers are trained to provide assistance to farmers to analyse their financial situations
  • Advisory and research analysis has shown that an extra month’s grazing is worth between €30 and €60 per cow in extra profit, and improved quality of summer grass can increase milk yield by 450 litres per cow. Grass budgeting is essential to ensure that these extra grazing days and quality of grazed grass are achieved
  • Achieving the Teagasc target of €5 increase in herd EBI per year is worth approximately €1,500 in extra profit to the average farm. Teagasc advisers are trained to advise their clients in making the correct breeding decisions through their linkages with the ICBF network
  • Environmental and nutrient planning
  • All advice is research-based and Teagasc advisers can benchmark your farm for labour productivity and make recommendations on how to improve productivity, within the expectations of a normal working week

Grass Budgeting Video Content

View Grass Budgeting video clips.


The programme is provided through a network of advisers located in all Teagasc Advisory Regions. There are 78 dairy advisers supported by specialists and the Teagasc research team.