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Cattle and Sheep Business and Technology Programme

This programme entails:

  • helping farmers to look at the big picture and see where their business is going and guiding them to make the correct decisions that will safeguard their farming future through adequate profit growth with a sustainable workload; and,
  • enterprise specific profit monitor analysis and feedback

It also provides:

  • breeding analysis and feedback
  • grass management, ration formulation and diet guidelines
  • participation in discussion groups providing regular opportunities to interact with like-minded farmers aimed at improving technical knowledge, problem solving ability and access to improved lifestyle choices and increased
  • social outlets
  • Teagasc - Cattle and Sheep Business and Technology Programme
  • options’ analysis on future development pathways for the farm and family;
  • financial analysis and business planning and comprehensive advice on the whole farm business
  • independent technical advice
  • individual farm visits and office consultations on key issues affecting the farm business
  • access to seminars and farm walks on time critical issues plus monthly newsletter and bimonthly issue of Today’s Farm; and,
  • access to an independent range of analytical services

Why is this important?

Independent and up-to-date technical advice is essential to ensure that any business will prosper into the future by anticipating the challenges that lie ahead and making the necessary changes in a timely manner.

Detailed financial analysis of existing business is the key starting point in helping set targets for changes required to improve farm profitability and sustainability into the future.

Commercial clients can benchmark performance on an ongoing basis with like-minded farmers and thereby monitor performance and progress.

Latest research results are adopted to best suit farm conditions.

Why use the programme?

  • Increased farmer awareness of the key factors influencing farm profitability and greater profit focus in operating the farm as a business
  • access to an experienced, dedicated, technical and business adviser that has the support of specialist and research staff
  • obtaining satisfaction from farming involvement and improving quality of life through measuring progress and achievements on an ongoing basis
  • access to the latest technologies that will keep your business competitive in an ever-changing environment
  • profit monitor results consistently show that regular users of the Teagasc service are in the top 25% of farmers when compared with the National Farm Survey; and
  • the bottom line is that this programme will put more money in your pocket


The programme is provided through a network of advisers located in all Teagasc Advisory Regions. There are 32 drystock advisers supported by specialists and the Teagasc research team.

Pearse Kelly, Programme Manager