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Post Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities at Teagasc

Teagasc offer a range of Post-doctoral Fellowship opportunities across the organisation’s four Research Programmes. Post-doctoral Fellowships at Teagasc are research focused training roles, the primary purpose of which is to provide early career scientists with the opportunity to develop their research skills and competencies. All Teagasc Post-doctoral Fellowship opportunities are advertised under Current Vacancies.

Teagasc Post-doctoral Fellowship appointees partake in a bespoke Development Programme. The Programme provides training and development opportunities for early career scientists that enhances their experience of learning and equips them with the necessary skills for the next stage of their chosen career in research. For details of the current programme download the Teagasc-UCD Level 9 Professional Diploma in Researcher Development brochure

Become a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at Teagasc

Are you a researcher looking to advance your career and avail of new knowledge-exchange opportunities and training? Click here for more information.

Life as a Teagasc Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Postdoctoral life at Teagasc Ashtown with Mohana Priya Logakrishnan

    Mohana Priya Logakrishnan is a Post-doctoral Fellow based in Teagasc Ashtown in the Agri-food and Spatial Analysis Department. She is currently part of Terrain AI, a multidisciplinary project aiming to develop a deeper understanding of greenhouse gas exchange across various land uses.

  • Postdoctoral life at Teagasc Athenry with Lorraine Balaine

    Lorraine was a previously a Teagasc Walsh Scholar. She is currently completing research on an EU project called MilKey. Along with partner institutions in seven different countries, Lorraine is part of a team developing a multi-criteria sustainability assessment for specialised dairy farms.

  • Postdoctoral life at Teagasc Grange with Kerrie Duffy and Stuart Kirwan

    Kerrie’s research focuses on bovine respiratory disease (BRD) diagnostics for identifying viral and bacterial agents’ associated with the disease. Stuart’s area of research focuses on reducing methane emissions from beef cattle from a breeding perspective and the feeding of dietary feed additives.

  • Postdoctoral life at Teagasc Moorepark Grassland with David Kelly and Hazel Costigan

    David’s research is focused on improving the efficiency and productivity of cattle in Ireland through breeding and genetics. Hazel’s is part of the FarmZeroC project which aims to address the challenge of carbon neutral farming.

  • Postdoctoral life at Teagasc Moorepark Food with Gaetan Drouin and Samuel Mortensen

    Gaetan’s research is focused on identifying safe, sustainable and highly functional novel protein ingredients to meet global food challenges while Samuel’s research is focused on fermented foods, in particular water kefir.

  • Postdoctoral life at Teagasc Oak Park with Diana Bucur

    Diana Bucur is a Fellow based in Teagasc Oak Park. Her research is part of an exciting project aiming to develop tools to ensure the safety and quality of Irish grain. Hear about why she decided to pursue a Fellowship and why Teagasc is such a great place to carry out research.