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Susanne Barth

Teagasc Crops Research Centre, Oak Park, Carlow R93 XE12



My research programme is focused on forage species and cereals: perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne), Miscanthus spp.,Festulolium, Phalaris arundinacea, Dactylis glomerata and wheat and barley. I am interested in genetic resources (including in situ conservation strategies), reproductive traits including self-incompatibility and flowering time, control of meiotic recombination, biomass yield and heterosis, and abiotic stresses including nitrogen use efficiency. Genomics activities have been the sequencing of the nuclear (see Velmurugan et al. 2016), chloroplast (see Diekmann et al. 2009) and mitochondrial genomes of ryegrass and the development of functional tools based on the sequence information.

Research areas of interest for MSCA IF application:

  • Control of meiotic recombination in perennial ryegrass
  • Cytoplasmic male sterility in perennial ryegrass
  • Association studies for abiotic stress conditions in wheat and barley.

I have supervised 3 contract researchers, 2 technicians and 12 PhD students in the past.