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Staff Handbook

The Teagasc Staff Handbook is a complete guide to the policies, procedures, codes and standards which exist within the organisation.  It contains information in relation to:

  • Teagasc policies
  • Statutory entitlements (i.e. entitlement granted by law)
  • Non-statutory entitlement (i.e. entitlements granted at the discretion of Teagasc)
  • Staff benefits (such as sick leave, pensions, training & development, etc)
  • Teagasc regulations, standards and codes of practice

All Teagasc staff should familiarise themselves with the information contained within the Handbook.

Managers and staff should refer to the HR Department for guidance in relation to the policies and procedures outlined in the Handbook.

Table of contents

1. Introduction and Overview

1.1 About the Staff Handbook (pdf)

1.2 Role of Teagasc (pdf)

1.3 Vision Mission Statement (pdf)

1.4 HR Vision and Operating Principles (pdf)

2. Information for New Staff

2.1 Salary Scales and Increments (pdf)

2.2 Salary Deductions (pdf)

2.3 Recovery of Overpayments (pdf)

2.4 Induction Policy (pdf)

2.5 Induction Process (pdf)

2.6 Probation Policy (pdf)

3. Pensions & Retirement

3.1 Staff Pension Scheme (pdf)

3.2 The Single Public Service Staff Pension Scheme (pdf)

3.3 Additional Pensions Scheme (pdf)

4. Teagasc Standards & Codes of Practice

4.1 Grievance Policy & Procedure (pdf)

4.2 Positive Action Policy (pdf)

4.3 Investigatory and Disciplinary Code (pdf)

4.4 ICT Policies (pdf)

4.5 Freedom of Information (pdf)

4.6 Teagasc Customer Charter (pdf)

4.7 Code of Business Ethics (pdf)

5. Hours of Work & Attendance

5.1 Overtime & Time in Lieu Policy (pdf)

5.2 Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 (pdf)

5.3 Right to Disconnect (pdf)

6. Statutory Entitlements

6.1 Maternity Leave (pdf)

6.2 Adoptive Leave (pdf)

6.3 Parental Leave (pdf)

6.4 Force Majeure Leave (pdf)

6.5 Carer’s Leave (pdf)

6.6 Paternity Leave (pdf)

6.7 Parents Leave (pdf)

7. Non-statutory Entitlements

7.1 Bereavement Leave (pdf)

7.2 Special Leave (pdf)

7.3 Work-sharing Policy (pdf)

7.4 Career Break Policy (pdf)

7.5 Shorter Working Year Policy (pdf)

7.6 Marriage Leave (pdf)

7.7 Jury service and witness in court (pdf)

8. Annual Leave & Public Holidays

8.1 Annual Leave Cycle (pdf)

8.2 Annual Leave Allowances (pdf)

8.3 Anticipation of Future Annual Leave (pdf)

8.4 Public Holidays (pdf)

9. Sick Leave

9.1 Sick Leave Policy and Procedure (pdf)

10. Equality & Dignity at Work

10.1 Equal Opportunities Policy (pdf)

10.2 Dignity at Work Policy (pdf)

10.3 Disability Policy (pdf)

10.4 Employee Assistance Programme (pdf)

11. Staff Training & Development

11.1 PMDS (pdf)

11.2 Study & Exam Leave (pdf)

12. Travel, Subsistence & Expenses

12.1 Travel & Subsistence Policy (pdf)

12.2 Refund of Travel Expenses for Attendance at Courses (pdf)

12.3 Removal Expenses (pdf)

12.4 Use of Teagasc Vehicles and Private Vehicles (pdf)

12.5 Travel Insurance Policy (pdf)

13. Health & Safety

13.1 Teagasc Policy Commitment (pdf)

13.2 Accident Reporting (pdf)

13.3 Working with Visual Display Units (pdf)