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Teagasc Crop Report

The Teagasc Crop Report is one of the most important sourches of informaiton for detailed crop management and agronomy for the Irish Industry.  The Crop Report is wriitten by a dedicated team of Tillage Specialiists, in conjunction with, Researches from Teagasc Oak Park.

The Crop Report is published every 2 - 3 weeks but more frequently at key times through the year.  These updates, from across the country, highlight areas of concern and action points to follow to prevent issues escalating.  The main and minor crops grown in Ireland have a detailed growing guide featuring the latest research finding translated into practical action points which are ready to use by farmers and agronomists.

The Crop Report is availalbe on-line through a we-app (with mobile app currently in testing) which is interactive to allow complex tables to be simplified for your needs.  The Crop Report is broken down into key areas including the following:-

Reference Guidies for all major Crops

  • Full Agronomy details, variety choice, nutrition, early season management, seed rates, weed, disease & pest disease control.
  • Resisteance issues, where they arise are explained in specific area (herbicides, pests, disease, etc.). The most up to date sciencciific option (from Ireland and further afield) is translated into workable action for advisor.
  • Example Winter Rye Reference Document.

Technical Reference Tables

  • Key information with agronomists will use regularly, which include: trace elements, organic manurer, Nitrates Directives, growth stages, seed rates, Costs and Returns, etc
  • Example - Organic Manures

May 2023 - Crop Report [pdf]

May 2023 - Organic Manures [pdf]

May 2023 - Teagasc Insectides [pdf]

May 2023 - Winter Rye Crop [pdf]