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Teagasc Dairy Research Webinars

These webinars are for Teagasc dairy advisors and Teagasc ConnectEd Professionals

Wednesday, 10 June

What is the most profitable stocking rate on a fragmented dairy farm?
Presenter: James Humphrey | Facilitator: Martina Gormley

Wednesday, 15 July
What are the alternative autumn and spring grazing practices to increase grass supply?
Presenter: Mike Egan | Facilitator: John Maher

Wednesday, 12 August
How to get the most from dairy calf to beef?
Presenter: Nicky Byrne | Facilitator: Joe Patton

Wednesday, 9 September
Are the next generation herd still performing?
Presenter: Frank Buckley | Facilitator: George Ramsbottom

Wednesday, 14 October
Choosing the best teat disinfectant product to reduce mastitis?
Presenter: David Gleeson | Facilitator: Joe Patton

Wednesday, 11 November
What beef bulls are suitable sires for the dairy herd?
Presenters: Ruth Dunne & Padraig French
Facilitator: George Ramsbottom

Wednesday, 9 December
How dairy farmers can become good employers?
Presenter: Marion Beecher | Facilitator: Pat Gowing