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Gender-SMART | A European partnership on gender equality in agricultural and life sciences

Welcome to the GenderSMART project.

Here you will find the latest updates on Teagasc GenderSMART project and any other news related to gender equality here at Teagasc.

What is GenderSMART?

GenderSMART is a €2.9m EU funded project which started on 1st January 2019.  It is a 4 year project funded under Horizon 2020. Winning this project has been hugely beneficial for Teagasc as it has provided us with much needed resources to focus specifically on gender equality. 

The project aims to achieve gender equality in research performing and research funding organisations operating in the agriculture and life science research fields. The overall aim of the project is to develop and implement a gender equality plan and it is up to each organisation to develop their own plan, tailor made to their organisation, under the guidance of the project leaders and supporting partners. There are 9 partners from 8 EU countries involved in the project. 

There are seven partners currently developing and implementing gender equality plans:

  1. ANR, France
  2. CIRAD, France (Project Co-Ordinator)
  3. CICYTEX, Spain
  4. CHIEAM, Italy
  5. CUT, Cyprus
  6. Teagasc, Ireland
  7. Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands

And two technical partners specialising in gender:

  1. ISAS, Czech Republic (Technical Partner)
  2. Yellow Window, Belgium (Technical Partner)

For each organisation, the aim is to adapt its action plan to its reality, taking existing inequalities and biases as its starting point and building a research and training that covers gender issues.

The role of Teagasc within GenderSMART

There are four key objectives of the project, which are also the overarching themes of the project. They are:

  • Building a gender equality culture
  • Developing equal career support measures
  • Reshaping decision-making and governance
  • Integrating gender in funding, research and teaching

The GenderSMART project will address these four objectives through 9 dedicated thematic work packages (WP). Although this is a collaborative approach, each organisation will spearhead their own thematic work package. Teagasc’s main role will take the lead on delivering WP.3 which centres around the theme of building a Gender Equality Culture.

Teagasc aims to achieve this by:

  • Auditing and defining Gender Equality (GE) core values
  • Incorporating GE core values into daily practices
  • Enhancing top management accountability and ensuring middle management involvement
  • Monitoring GE core values adherence

This work package will be implemented by the GenderSMART team.

For more information on the individual GenderSMART work packages, visit GenderSMART EU website. Teagasc Gender equality core values and related activities are currently being developed.

Our sister projects

In addition to the collaboration with the partner organisations, the project also aims to collaborate with ‘sister’ projects and to share knowledge.  These are other EU funded projects focusing on addressing gender equality in research.  These projects include: ACT, BALTIC GENDER and CALIPER. For a full list of our sister projects, visit GenderSMART EU website.

The GenderSMART Team

The members of the core Teagasc GenderSMART project team are:

Jane Kavanagh
GenderSMART Project Manager

Laurie O’Donnell
GenderSMART Project Co-ordinator

Valerie Farrell
HR Manager

GenderSMART taskforce

To oversee the development, implementation and monitoring of the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) a GenderSMART Taskforce was established.




Chairperson: Prof Frank O’Mara

Director of Research and
Chair of GenderSMART Board


Other members of the Taskforce include:

Tom Kelly Director of KT
Dermot McCarthy Assistant Director KT
Frank Murphy Head of Curriculum Development Unit
Tim Ashmore College Principal, Kildalton
Majella Moloney Regional Manager
Deirdre Glynn Advisor
John Spink Head of CELUP
Deirdre Hennessy Researcher AGRIP
Sinead McCarthy Researcher REDP
Erin O’Rourke Walsh Scholar Development Officer
Brendan Lyons Campus Administrator
Tom Doherty Chief Operations Officer
Sheila Gibbons Corporate Services
Susan Kearney Head of Finance
Jennifer Wilson ICT Security
Linda Giblin Researcher Food