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Teagasc Facebook

Follow Teagasc on Facebook where we share daily videos and features covering a broad range of topics 

Teagasc Twitter

Follow Teagasc on Twitter where we share the latest news, events and research from Teagasc 

Teagasc Instagram

Follow us on Instagram where we share behind the scenes footage and feautre farmers through regular takeovers 

Teagasc YouTube

Our Teagasc YouTube channel featuring a collection of over 1,000 videos is a valuable source of information for the viewer who prefers to consume content in video format

Teagasc Linkedin

Our Teagasc LinkedIn channel shares information about Teagasc research and news 

Teagasc Grass10

The Teagasc Grass10 Twitter Account was set up to connect with farmers to help them utilise 10 tons grass DM/ha/year, & achieve 10 grazings/paddock/year on livestock farms (dairy, beef & sheep)

Teagasc PastureBase Ireland

PastureBase users can follow PastureBase Ireland on Twitter to get information on weekly grass growth figures and how to get the best use out of the app

Teagasc Facebook Discussion Group

Connect with like minded farmers and your questions answered by an advisor in Teagasc

Teagasc Grass10 & PastureBase Ireland Facebook Group

Connect with a community of farmers who want to grow more, graze more and earn more and have your questions answered by a Grass10 and PastureBase representative 

Teagasc Social Media by Enterprise

Teagasc have a social media presence at enterprise level also. Here you can keep up to date with specific information in relation to your relevant enterprise. 

Teagasc Beef
Facebook  |  Twitter

Teagasc Dairy

Teagasc Pigs

Teagasc Sheep

Teagasc Environment

Teagasc Forestry
Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram

Teagasc Horticulture

Teagasc Social Media by Regional Units

Teagasc have a social media presence at a local level across our 12 regional units so you can keep up to date with local events and advisors.

Teagasc Social Media in Teagasc Colleges 

Teagasc have a social media presence from our four agricultural and horticultural colleges.  Keep up to date with whats going on in the college or stay in touch with past and present students