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Pasture Innovations


Explore how Teagasc and Goldcrop are transforming pasture farming in Ireland through their long term strategic collaboration Pasture Innovations. Witness the ground-breaking advancements in grass and clover breeding that are empowering Irish farmers to enhance productivity, sustainability, and profitability on their farms.


Case Highlights


"This is a really important vote of confidence and commitment by Goldcrop in the very successful Teagasc breeding programme at Oak Park. It gives the programme more scope to progress in the years ahead, to continue to produce grasses, clovers, and herbs for Irish grassland farmers." 


- Frank O'Mara, Teagasc Director 

  • Solution: Collaborative Research and Development

  • Impact: Advancing Irish Agriculture





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Challenge: Enhancing Pasture Genetics

The Irish agrifood industry relies on the strength of its pasture systems. Teagasc and Goldcrop recognised the need to continuously improve the economic and environmental efficiency of forage grasses, clovers, and herbs. Together, they embarked on a long-term genetic improvement programme Pasture Innovations that meet the evolving needs of Irish farmers and beyond.




Solution: Collaborative Research and Development

Pasture Innovations brings together the expertise and resources of Teagasc and Goldcrop to revolutionise pasture variety  genetics. Through extensive research and innovation, they aim to create superior pasture varieties with enhanced performance in seasonal yield, grazing utilisation, quality, persistence, and disease resistance. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and holistic approaches, they are paving the way for sustainable agricultural practices.




Impact: Advancing Irish Agriculture

The collaboration between Teagasc and Goldcrop has led to significant advancements in pasture genetics. Through Pasture Innovations, they are developed new forage grasses, clovers and herb varieties tailored to Irish conditions, empowering farmers to achieve higher profitability while promoting sustainability. This initiative not only benefits Irish agriculture but also contributes to global food security and environmental stewardship




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The Engage @Teagasc Team played a crucial role in managing the intellectual property, facilitating consultancy, and navigating licensing agreements with industry partners. This collaborative effort was founded on clear communication and trust.