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Evolving Potato Varieties

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In collaboration with IPM Potato Group, Teagasc embarked on a mission to address the longstanding challenge of breeding new and improved potato varieties suitable for diverse global markets.


Case Highlights

"The potato is seeing growth globally, as no other crop produces as much food as efficiently in terms of land use, water and other inputs. The partnership between IPM Potato group and Teagasc will allow continued growth for IPM and a commercial route for Teagasc innovation and research."


- Marcel de Sousa, IPM Potato Group Director

  • Challenge: Enhancing Potato Varieties for Global Markets

  • Solution: Creating the Perfect Formula

  • Impact: Transforming the Potato Industry Globally





Challenge: Enhancing Potato Varieties for Global Markets

The challenge faced by IPM Potato Group (IPM) and Teagasc goes beyond merely breeding new potato varieties. It involves addressing the complexities of global markets, including consumer preferences, climate variations, and disease pressures. The long lead time of potato breeding, which requires meticulous testing and evaluation over several years to ensure the suitability of new varieties, also offers challenges.  Additionally, the partnership have successfully navigated the intricacies of plant breeder's rights and the need to protect intellectual property to sustain research and breeding efforts.




Solution: Creating the Perfect Formula

For almost 50 years, IPM and Teagasc have forged a robust partnership dedicated to advancing potato breeding technologies and methodologies. Leveraging their combined expertise and resources, they have conducted extensive trials and evaluations of thousands of potato seedlings, selecting promising lines for further development. The collaboration extends beyond national borders, with varieties tailored to diverse geographic locations and market segments.




Impact: Transforming the Potato Industry Globally

The enduring collaboration between Teagasc and IPM has reshaped the landscape of the potato industry on a global scale. With over 45 potato varieties released for commercial cultivation, the impact of their partnership reverberates across continents. Varieties like Rooster and Cara have become household names, commanding significant market shares in Ireland and abroad. The adoption of Teagasc/IPM varieties has propelled potato cultivation into new territories, from North Africa to Australasia, underpinning food security and economic prosperity in diverse regions.


"The enduring relationship between Teagasc and IPM is a real example of successful knowledge transfer and we look forward to offering continued support in the future."

- Sean Mulvany, Former Head of Technology Transfer at Teagasc

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