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Driving Oat Drink Innovation


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Explore how the Teagasc National Prepared Consumer Food Centre propelled Oatier Ltd's oat drink into the market, reshaping the food service sector and setting the stage for retail expansion.


Case Highlights

"Working with Teagasc has been instrumental in our success at Oatier. Their expertise in formulation and scaling challenges paved the way for our oat drink's launch, positioning us as leaders in the market. Teagasc's support was crucial in achieving our goal of creating a creamier, tastier oat drink that resonates with consumers. Their dedication and guidance have been invaluable to our journey."

- Neil Brady, Managing Director, Oatier Ltd



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Challenge: Planting Seeds of Innovation

Based in Co. Kildare, Oatier Ltd, is driven by a mission to create a superior oat drink. The team sought specialised expertise to navigate the complexities of product formulation, process development, and scaling. Technical hurdles, including formulation challenges and scaling complexities, posed significant obstacles to Oatier's aspirations. Moreover, entering the competitive food service/hospitality sector required strategic guidance and meticulous planning.




Solution: Creating the Perfect Formula

Researchers in the Teagasc National Prepared Consumer Food Centre were instrumental in addressing Oatier's challenges comprehensively. Through formulation refinement, sensory studies, and innovative solutions to scaling obstacles, Teagasc enabled Oatier to develop a premium oat drink that surpassed industry standards. The collaborative partnership between Oatier and Teagasc fostered clear communication, shared objectives, and mutual trust, laying the foundation for success.



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Impact: Harvesting Success

The project facilitated the successful launch of Oatier's Barista oat drink in 2023, marking a significant milestone for the company. Teagasc's contributions played a pivotal role in establishing Oatier's presence within the food service/hospitality sector, with a growing client base comprising over 100 cafes. This achievement not only bolstered Oatier's brand recognition but also paved the way for future growth and expansion into retail markets.




"Teagasc's commitment to our project and their depth of expertise have been key factors in the success of our collaboration. Their support throughout the development process has been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for future projects."

- Dr. Shivani Pathania, Teagasc Consultant

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