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Novel facile low-cost (Micro) Encapsulation Technology for Dairy Ingredients



Teagasc researchers have developed a low cost novel approach to encapsulating beneficial bioactives in dairy and whey based products that is faster than competing technologies and requires less processing and wasteful reagents


Fortification of dairy products is a growing market, expected to increase to US $150 billion by 2026, with consumers expecting everyday food products to deliver enhanced nutritional functionality. In contrast to this growing need, there is a market desire to minimise the amount of processing in consumer food products. The challenge for food producers is to meet both these needs simultaneously.


Requires only food grade ingredients Fewer production steps Is applicable in a variety of dairy products, including milk, cheese, yogurt, drinking yogurt. Has successfully encapsulated key bioactives such as black carrot extract, beta-carotene and red cabbage extract Has been demonstrated functionality in several food products including: yogurt, cheese, milk, baked goods containing dairy


This technology has been extensively demonstrated in a range of dairy and whey based food products: Fig 1: (a) Yoghurt prepared with encapsulated black carrot extract and (b) Cheese prepared with encapsulated β - carotene




Name - Dr. Karen Dawson, Teagasc TTO

Email - karen.dawson@teagasc.ie

Phone - +353 871770977

Downnload PDF here:

(Micro) Encapsulation Technology

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