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Novel marine derived healthy pet food ingredient




Through the development of a novel process for the extraction of heart healthy proteins from pelagic fish blood water, Teagasc researchers have successfully incorporated this novel ingredient containing the highly beneficial ACE-1 inhibitor into dog biscuits. Key health improvements such as reduced blood pressure and weight gain observed in older dogs at clinical trial stage positions this ingredient as a non-pharmaceutical treat targeted at numerous ailments including weight management, and cardiovascular health.


Humanisation of pets, in particular dogs, has inspired a growing interest and concern in pet health care. Aging pets in the UK, Europe and US with rich diets are requiring increasing amounts of pharmaceutical interventions to reduce blood pressure; diabetes and weight gain, contributing to increased costs to owners. Such “pet parents” are willing to pay a premium for pet health care and solutions targeted at numerous ailments such as weight management, fitness and cardiovascular health.


This novel ingredient is based on marine processing waste stream – ample supply in Irish and European fisheries. 2. Clinical trials in dogs, feeding them biscuits containing the protein hydrosylates, have demonstrated: Significant reduction in blood pressure compared to control studies, Reduction in weight gain vs control, Easily digestible and improved palatability vs contro.


The technology has had extensive pre-commercialisation research carried out including optimisation of process, scale up costing, and production of test dog biscuits containing the protein hydrosylates, for clinical trials.



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Name - Dr. Karen Dawson, Teagasc TTO

Email - karen.dawson@teagasc.ie

Phone - +353 871770977

Download PDF here:

Healthy Pet Food Ingredient

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