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Proswine Sow Feed Additive

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In commercial pig production feed contributes up to 70% of total production costs. Our technology is a probiotic sow feed additive, that promotes robust and durable piglet growth without in-feed antibiotic use resulting in higher value finishing weights. 


A marine derived probiotic strain, identified by Teagasc and SETU researchers, has been shown to significantly increase offspring finishing weight when fed to transitioning and lactating sows. During the in-vivo trials sows, supplemented with the additive for a 6 week period, had offspring were found to have measurable improved gut health compared to offspring from the controls.


The Proswine probiotic has been demonstrated in in-vivo trials, with results from an additional trial due Q3 2024. Spray drying scale up of the probiotic, including storage stability testing has been undertaken in line with industry standards

IP Status: A filed patent for the technology (PCT/EP2021/056425) has now entered nationalisation. 


Based on the cost of competing products, if adopting a 6-week administration period, for every €1 spent on the supplement, a farmer could expect a return of between €62 and €208. If fed for the full reproductive cycle, the return would be €23 to €77 for each €1 spent on the supplement.

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