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How to engage with Teagasc

Teagasc uses various models in order to engage with industry at varying levels of complexity, ranging from basic consultancy services to large scale collaborations, as outlined below. While we use policies and procedures and various template agreements as guidelines to facilitate formalisation of such interactions, we are flexible in the specifics of the interaction and happy to discuss various options with you. While we aim to finalise agreements with parties as speedily as possible, please allow adequate time for negotiation of such agreements and please ensure that such agreements are directed to your IP or legal representative for authorised review and sign-off.


A project is deemed to be collaborative if parties jointly develop the work plan and generally the ownership of some or all foreground intellectual property generated during the project resides with research provider. Teagasc is very active in collaborating with industry through state supported and industry sponsored initiatives. Opportunities for industry to work collaboratively with Teagasc through state support include innovation partnerships and SFI research clusters while a company can also contact us directly to discuss fully sponsoring a project. Our research capabilities and available technologies are key to providing valuable input to collaborations, both with industry and with academic partners.

Ownership of resulting IP depends on the terms of any funding body involved, the relative financial and intellectual inputs of each party, and who is in the best position to commercialise the results. For this reason, the management of IP is discussed on a case-by-case basis prior to commencement of a project. In most cases the industrial partner(s) gets the opportunity for a later commercial license of the IP generated in a defined field of use, based upon negotiable terms, while Teagasc continues to have freedom to carry out research in the area. For discussions on IP issues please contact Miriam Walsh, Head of Intellectual Property or contact us at techtransfer@teagasc.ie.

We formalise such collaborations by drafting research agreements upon agreement with the parties involved, both academic and industry. Such an agreement needs to outline the responsibilities of all parties and clarifies how resulting IP will be owned, managed and commercialised. We are happy to provide a template as a starting point, following initial discussions to determine the relative rights of each party. A finalised project plan (with deliverables, timelines) and budget (with payment schedule) are essential parts of such an agreement.

Contract research

Contract research involves the company specifying the work to be undertaken and is usually based on company materials or know-how. While novel intellectual property is unlikely to be generated, all results including intellectual property are assigned over to the company. Our range of expertise/capabilities and services allow us to carry out contract research for a broad range of companies especially in agri-food, veterinary and pharma/medical sectors.

Teagasc is happy to carry out confidential contract research for a company, whereby significant intellectual input and proprietary information is being provided by the company, examples being screening and characterisation type work. We have a template contract research agreement suitable for negotiation, and the finalised work plan and budget will form part of this agreement.

Technical/consultancy service provision

For technical service, including product development, consultancy, analysis and other specialised services, clients will be asked to sign a standard service specification, which sets out the terms and conditions under which Teagasc undertake such work. Confidentiality is a key component of this specification. View a selection of services provided through our research programme.

For companies (Small to Medium Enterprises) wishing to explore an opportunity to work with our researchers, on a small scale, to explore a business opportunity or a problem, you may be eligible for an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher worth €5,000. For further information please visit Enterprise Ireland or you can discuss this with one of our researchers.

Other issues including confidentiality and material transfer

The technology transfer office also deals with review of incoming and drafting of outgoing material transfer agreements and non-disclosure agreements, in order to facilitate supply and receipt of biological materials and sharing of confidential information with outside parties. To discuss these options and related issues please contact Sarah Cahalane or techtransfer@teagasc.ie