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Annual Walsh Scholarships Seminar

Annual Seminar 2019

The annual Walsh Scholarships Seminar was held in the Teagasc, Ashtown, Dublin 15 on Tuesday, 26th November 2019.

Four programme competitions took place in the research centres in the lead up to the day and the best presenters from each programme were selected to present at the annual seminar.

Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Programme (Hazel Rooney)
Nutritional management strategies to optimise annual sow output and to promote the growth and development of progeny from large litters

Food Programme (Emer Garvey)
Piece of cake?  Unravelling the contribution of sugar and fat to the desirable flavour of baked confectionery products

Crops Environment and Land Use Programme (Damien Mooney)
Emerging organic contaminants in Irish groundwater: the occurrence of veterinary agrochemicals

Rural Economy and Development Programme (Mohana Priya Logakrishnan)
Assessing impact of seasonal weather extremes on farm feed use in Irish dairy farms

The overall Teagasc Walsh Scholar of the Year is Hazel Rooney (pictured below right). She was the Winner of ‘Best oral presentation and winner of Teagasc Gold Medal’ at the annual Teagasc Walsh Scholarship Seminar in Dublin, yesterday, Tuesday 26 November.

The Best Food Research Presentation and winner of the Institute of Food Science and Technology Ireland (IFSTI) Medal was Emer Garvey (pictured below right).

The full book of abstracts is available here: Teagasc Walsh Scholarships Seminar 2019