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Maximilian Schughart

Project Title: Understanding B/CYDV epidemiology and mechanisms underlying resistance in Grain Aphids

Overview: In Ireland, one of the main vectors of the Barley/Corn Yellow Dwarf Virus (B/CYDV) is the Grain Aphid Sitobion avenae. Some S. avenae lineages have evolved resistances to pyrethroid insecticides, resulting in a huge potential spread of B/CYDV. Data from field surveys, insecticide exposure experiments, virus transmission experiments and aphid genomics will help to gain a further understanding of B/CYDV epidemiology and aphid insecticide resistance. This is essential for an effective integrated pest management and for the future reduction of yield losses.

As an entomologist with a specialisation in insect ecology and evolution, my main research interests lay in insect/environment relationships and the molecular ecology of insects using bioinformatic approaches. I have been working with several pest- and invasive species like bark beetles, Drosophila suzukii, termites and aphids, and plan to extend my future research in this area. After work, I enjoy hiking, photography, music and sports. 

Programme Area: Crops, Environment and Land Use Programme

Supervisors: Dr. Luise McNamara, Dr. Michael Gaffney, Prof. Tom Wilkinson

University: University College Dublin

Funding Source: Teagasc