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Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2022-2024 (MAEI)

  • Sean Brennan - Determine the factors that influence dairy farmers in using different breeding tools to produce a more profitable calf.
  • Aaron Duffy - Defining how dairy-beef systems are working in the north-west region of Ireland.
  • Fintan Griffin - Part Time Drystock Farmers Engagement with Advisory Services in the Donegal Region.
  • Fabian McCarthy - An investigation into dairy farmer’s attitudes and beliefs on the use of sexed semen and breeding as part of dairy beef systems.
  • Niall Mullin - The Barriers Affecting the adoption of Contract-rearing on Beef farms in the West of Ireland and the supports required.
  • Stephen O'Callaghan - Examining the factors affecting the adoption and success of Selective Dry Cow Therapy on Dairy Farms in Ireland.
  • Debbie Sheerin - Examining Educator Use of Digital Technologies in the Classroom in the Cork West Region.
  • Shane Ward - Examining Irish Farmers Attitudes towards the Utilization and uptake of Protein Crops under the Protein Aid Scheme.

Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2021-2023 (MAEI)

  • Deirbhile Browne - An Investigation into the Adoption of a selection of the Signpost Programme ‘12 steps’ by Dairy Farmers in Limerick and Clare.
  • Damien Gibbons - Webinars as a knowledge transfer tool; farmer and advisor perceptions
  • Joseph Maher - An Examination of Organic Beef Farmers Opinions and Attitudes on their Future in Light of the New Organic Farming Scheme
  • Vincent Power - An Assessment of Farmers’ attitudes to adopting an Integrated Pest Management approach on Irish Livestock Farms
  • Kate Purcell - Assessing farmers attitudes towards including a multispecies sward on their farm

Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2020-2022 (MAEI)

  • Patrick Walsh - Attitudes of beef farmers in the Laois Kildare Meath Louth Dublin advisory region towards farm climate mitigation technologies
  • Tara Heaney - Increasing engagement - The development of a Women’s discussion group in County Monaghan
  • Emer Keane - The motivational factors of distance education learners in Teagasc Thurles
  • Liam Nolan - Identifying the potential barriers for drystock farmers to enter Contract Rearing
  • Richie McEvoy - Assessing the barriers for agricultural advisors in providing nutrient management and soil health advice to farmers when given a set of soil sample results
  • Eoghan Callaghan - Organic farming and the barriers for conventional farmers switching to organic
  • Ciaran Sheelan - How can extension services improve delivery of agri-environmental training to farmers? A study comparing previous training approaches

Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2019-2021 (MAEI)

  • Cathal Conaty - Can the Accessibility of Online Agricultural Advisory Resources Be Improved?
  • James Concannon - Farmer’s actions and interpretations of the Fecal egg testing results as part of the BEEP-S scheme
  • Michael Hassett - Use of PastureBase and Whatsapp to encourage farmers to use the full functionality of their smartphone in the form of data based decision making and communication
  • Martin Merrick - Economics of converting 'medium' scale drystock farming to a 'small' scale dairy enterprise
  • Ronan Mulligan - Advisors attitudes towards zoom/skype as a form of inservice training as oppose to face to face in service training
  • Shane O'Hanlon - Dairy farmers attitudes to using protected urea as a way of making their farm more sustainable.
  • Katie O'Toole - A derogation farmers attitude to the new water protection measures. An on farm analysis.
  • Liam Quinn - Nitrogen Use Efficiency/ Grass Management/ Protected Urea
  • Emma Sherlock - Why is there a poor uptake of milk recording in the national herd?

Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2018-2020 (MAEI)

  • Luke Clogher - An investigation into farmer’s engagement with a European Innovation Partnership – A case study of the Rathcroghan EIP in Tulsk, Co. Roscommon
  • Meabh Dore - The attitude of Dairy farmers towards suggested solutions to surplus dairy calves in spring
  • Damien Holland - An Investigation into dairy farmers attitudes towards management practices associated with bull calves in the Cork West region
  • Kevin Maher - The factors that influence Nitrates Derogation farmers using their nutrient management plans as a decision-making tool around fertiliser
  • Padraig McCormack - Understanding the factors as to why farmers choose to reseed or don’t choose to reseed
  • Nicholas McKenna - Factors affecting the use of Protected UREA on beef farms in the KK/WD region
  • Sean McMahon - Social Media’s potential influence to promote grassland measuring and to support farmer decision making
  • James Murphy - Farmers perceptions towards the Euro star Ram Index
  • Michael Murphy - Attitudes of derogation dairy farmers in Co. Meath towards biodiversity
  • Eoin Sweetman - Factors affecting tillage students’ decision to diversify into horticultural food production

Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2017-2019 (MAEI)

  • Andrew Donovan - Dairy farm partnerships and their affect on farmers’ satisfaction
  • Aine Butler - An examination of a farm Health and Safety course in the Tipperary Region
  • Bryan Donnelly - Understanding Dairy farmer attitudes towards greenhouse gas emissions and possible mitigation strategies through the use of a dairy carbon navigator and marginal abatement cost curves in the Teagasc Tipperary Region
  • John Conroy - An investigation into dairy farmers perceptions of precision dairying and the factors affecting adoption in the west of Ireland
  • James Fitzgerald - An investigation into factors that affect the adoption of contract rearing among progressive dairy farmers in Ireland
  • Eva Hayes - A study of how Clare Dairy farmers use the pasturebase Ireland Website and App
  • Eilis Lawlor - An examination of advisors experience of dealing with critical incidents during advisory consultations in the Kilkenny/Waterford advisory region
  • Niamh Lynch - Farmers attitudes towards selective dry cow therapy: The case of dairy clients in the Roscommon and Longford region
  • Cathal McCauley - Financial analysis on dairy farms in the Cavan region – Focus on E-Profit monitor

Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2016-2018 (MAEI)

  • Fergus Bogue - WhatsApp as a Knowledge Transfer Tool for Dairy Discussion Groups
  • Jane Smyth - The Role of Commercial Agronomists in the Agricultural Knowledge and Information System
  • Elaine Clifford - Measuring the benefits of discussion groups for tillage farmers - has the adoption of recording components of yield impacted on crop husbandry practices?
  • Marie Flynn - “Investigation into the use of WhatsApp group chats to transfer knowledge to beef farmers in Ireland
  • Michael McGonigle - An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer Groups to date in the Mayo Advisory Region"
  • Enda Maloney - An investigation into why the production of young bull beef is not attractive to Irish Farmers
  • Gavin Doherty - A Study ‘Exploring Suckler Farmer’s Attitudes towards the Beef Data Genomics Programme in the North-West’
  • Graham Waters - The Future Intentions of Teagasc Distance Education Green Cert Students.
  • Claire McAuliffe - “The role of agricultural advisers in dealing with farmer stress- A case study of the Teagasc Kerry/Limerick region.”

Masters in Agricultural Extension and Innovation Projects 2015-2017 (MAEI)

  • Bernadette Bennett - Farmer and Farm Employee understanding of advisory messages. The case of Teagasc Pig Research Dissemination Day.
  • Ciara Hickey - A study of the factors which influence business satisfaction amongst dairy farm households. A case study of dairy farmers in Co. Kilkenny.
  • Donal Kelly - A study of the effect of sub-contracting on Teagasc Advisors: Perceptions of their roles as Agricultural Extension Agents.
  • Michael Malone - An investigation into the attitudes of dairy farmers in the Lakeland Dairies region towards the age of first calving of replacement dairy heifers.
  • Aileen McCarron - A study if how advisors use decision support tools to aid farmer decision making. The case of the e-Profit Monitor.
  • Angela Ryan - Exploring the experiences of Irish Men and Women self-efficacy working as Agricultural Advisors.
  • Ellen Standish - Farmers attitudes towards management of workload on their farms. The case of dairy clients in the Teagasc Moorepark Advisory Catchment.