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Juan Manuel Clariget Briz

Project Title: Holistic examination of the biological, economic and environmental benefit of exploiting compensatory growth in pasture-based beef cattle production system

Overview: Around 25 percent of the worldwide meat consumption is beef. In countries with pastoral systems, cattle rearing is based on natural or sown pastures which typically face a reduction in grass production during winter, excess of forage production during spring and reductions in quality or quantity in summer. For this reason, animals suffer periods of restriction and abundance. Compensatory growth that is an accelerated growth following a period of feed restriction is a common practice used in beef production systems. However, the effect of different re-alimentation diets during compensatory growth is not well documented. I would like to examine compensatory growth holistically in my PhD thesis by studying the feed efficiency, meat quality, greenhouse gases emission and profitability.

In my country, beef production systems have similarities with Irish systems so, the possibility to do my PhD studies in recognized institutions as UCD and Teagasc will be a wonderful opportunity for my own development as a researcher and for my Institute (National Institute of Agricultural Research; www.inia.uy; Uruguay) as collaborative partner.

Programme Area: School of Agriculture and Food Science (Department of Animals and Crops Science)

Supervisors: David Kenny, Kate Keogh, Alan Kelly, Tommy Boland, Georget Banchero

University: University College Dublin

Funding Source: Teagasc