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Ali Sultan Khan

Project title: Environmental and economic sustainability of biogas / biomethane production in Ireland through anaerobic digestion of slurry and various grass feedstocks.

Overview: Ali Sultan Khan is involved in evaluating the ecological and financial sustainability of biomethane, through digestion of livestock slurry and diverse grass feedstocks under anaerobic conditions.

Under EU’s effort sharing decision, Ireland must reduce GHG emissions by 20% and increase the share of renewable sources in the national energy mix by 16%. Biomethane production through anaerobic digestion of agricultural resources have potential to achieve these targets by increasing the energy production and decreasing GHG’s emissions.

Ali is using organic AD (anaerobic digestion) digestate for sustainably producing various feedstocks, preferably monoculture grasses and mixed grass species and measuring greenhouse gas emissions.

Ali will carry out Life cycle assessment of whole AD process and growing AD feedstocks with AD digestate as a fertilizer and investigate the nitrogen fertilizer replacement value of digestate.

Main areas covered in tis research:

  • Biogas/biomethane - Gas produced by organic matter decomposition
  • Mixed species grass - Growing diverse grasses together
  • AD Digestate - Remnants of AD reactor feedstock
  • Greenhouse gases - Methane, Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide
  • Ammonia - plant available form of nitrogen
  • Methanogenesis - Methane production by microbes
  • nitrogen fertilizer replacement value - amount of organic fertilizer needed to get same yield by using inorganic fertilizer
  • nitrogen losses - Loss of nitrogen applied to plants by leaching, immobilization and volatilization

Ali has knowledge of grassland and pasture production, ruminant nutrition and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions from AFO’s. Ali possess wide experience in proximate analysis of animal feeds and animal handling.

Ali Sultan Khan is from Islamabad, Pakistan and did bachelors from PMAS-AAUR, Pakistan and his masters from KNU, South Korea. During his leisure time, he likes to watch aviation related videos on YouTube, browse different air corridors on flightradar24.com and envy Sam Chui.

Programme area: Crop, Environment and Land Use Programme

Supervisors: Dr Dominika Krol, Dr John Finn, Dr Clare Guy, Dr Karl G Richards

Location: Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford

Funding source: Teagasc