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Anna Flynn

Project title: “Multivacc”: Demonstration of safety and sero-conversion post concurrent administration of Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live & Bovilis IBR Marker Live in calves.

Overview: According to data from regional veterinary laboratories, pneumonia is one of the main causes of death in young calves. Rather than treating sick calves and contributing to antimicrobial resistance, farmers and vets are now focussing on disease prevention and the role vaccination can play.  

Anna is studying the effects of administering vaccines to help prevent the development of bovine respiratory disease on calf health and well-being. Her studies involve vaccinating calves at approximately two-weeks of age, observing the change in antibody levels post-vaccination and the overall health of the calves. The response of both vaccinated and unvaccinated calves to vaccination at three months of age, is also being investigated.

It is hoped that the results of this study will provide stakeholders in the agricultural livestock industry with information, which will help improve the health of animals leading to higher standards of welfare and reduced use of antimicrobials.

Anna has a background in milk quality, diagnostic microbiology, and herd disease screening and a keen interest in herd health management strategies and veterinary epidemiology. Her skills will aid in the interpretation and communication of the results and the development of further investigations in this area.

Main research areas include:

  • pneumonia
  • vaccines,
  • IBR ,
  • BRSV,
  • PI-3,
  • calves,
  • disease prevention,
  • animal health,
  • microbiology.

Programme area: Animal & Bioscience Department

Supervisors: Dr. Emer Kennedy, Dr.Catherine McAloon

Location: Teagasc Moorepark, Teagasc Dairygold

Funding source: SFI, DAFM, ERDF, Vistamilk