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Aude Mancia

Project Title: Disaggregated N2O emission factors associated with sheep urine and dung in lowland and upland grazing systems

Overview: Before starting my PhD, I was studying agricultural science in my home country, France.

My current research project is about N2O production in soils, enhanced by the deposition of sheep urine and dung in pastures, thus contributing to greenhouse gases emissions.

I have to compare 2 grazing systems (managed lowland and rough-grazed upland systems), in order to assess the influence of different factors on the magnitude of N2O emissions. The aim of this study is to refine the current estimation of N2O emissions associated with grazing sheep in Ireland.

I am interested in this project because it aims to explain the production of an important greenhouse gas by focusing on a micro-scale. After my PhD, I currently plan to get involved in research projects assessing the adoption of mitigation strategies to reduce N2O emissions.

Programme Area: Crops, Environment and Land Use Programme

Supervisors: Dominika Krol, Sinead Waters and Dave Chadwick

Location: Athenry Research Centre, Galway

Funding Source: Teagasc