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Project title: Soil carbon sequestration in a grassland production system

Overview: The research topic involves investigating soil carbon sequestration in grassland production system. This research involves the use of biogeochemical models (e.g., RothC, DayCent, CENTURY) for simulating soil carbon sequestration over temperate grasslands. This is important because it will allow the agriculture sector to evaluate the impact of agricultural management practices on soil carbon stocks and sequestration rates. 

Soils provide a potential solution to mitigate climate change by returning carbon from the atmosphere into the soil system by soil carbon sequestration. In addition, increased soil organic carbon improves the soils physical and chemical properties contributing to a more resilient ecosystem, improving food security.

Growing up from a farming background in Cavan, I have always had an interest in agriculture and studying Environmental Science in Trinity cemented my passion for sustainable agroecosystems. I am excited to be a PhD research student studying in the agri-environmental field of research.

Main research areas include:

  • Soil organic carbon,
  • sequestration,
  • climate change mitigation,
  • food security,
  • biogeochemical models

Programme area: Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation

Supervisors: Dr Donal O’Brien, Dr Gary Langian, Dr Elodie Ruelle and Dr Laurence Shalloo, Dr Rowan Fealy

Location: Johnstown Castle Research Centre, Wexford

Funding source: Teagasc, Walsh Scholar