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Caitlin Looney

Project Title: The effect of altering autumn and spring grazing management on sward structural characteristics, morphology and nutritive value throughout the grazing season in an intensive dairy production system

Overview: The autumn and spring grazing management trial has ran in Moorepark from autumn 2016 to spring 2019 and has focused on altering management to improve the feed deficit at spring calving. After my degree in Plant Science I began working on a PhD within the project looking at the sward structure and characteristics.  I am interested in this area as maximising the utilisation of grass is a key area to improving sustainability in the sector. I have found working outside and looking at the effect different management practices on the perennial ryegrass plant thoroughly enjoyable. I am originally from Cork and in my spare time I enjoy playing camogie.

Programme Area: Grassland

Supervisors: Dr. Michael Egan and Prof. Astrid Wingler

Location: Teagasc, Moorepark, Fermoy, Cork

Funding Source: Teagasc