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Davor Daniloski


Project title: Understanding the effects of cow genotype on the composition and quality of milk and dairy products

Keywords: ß–casein; A1 milk; A2 milk; ß-casomorphin; genotype; proteins

Overview: Davor’s research project examines how the genetic make-up of milk proteins, known as the genotype, influences technological and physicochemical characteristics of milk and dairy products, including milk composition, colour, stability, coagulation, fermentation, gelation, yield, and stabilisation of casein micelles. The research has an emphasis on the potential physiological impact of A1 and A2 milk genotypes upon digestion. The PhD project is a collaboration between the Victoria University, Australia and Teagasc, Ireland.

As an alumnus of the University St. Clement of Ohrid in Bitola, Davor received a B.Eng. (Hons) in Nutrition and Food Technology, and MSc. in Food Safety and Quality. It was during this time when Davor developed an interest in food proteins and their impact on food products and human health.

Davor has substantial knowledge of food proteins, food safety (food allergy), food engineering and packaging, and human nutrition. He is skilled in traditional microbiology methods, optical density methods, gas permeability of materials, which is now bolstered by knowledge and application of various analytical methods based on spectroscopy, chromatography, magnetic resonance of proteins, methods for gene examination and proteomics.

Outside of the lab, he gets involved in food sciences educational activities run by a number of international centres.

Professional platforms: ORCID | LinkedIn

Teagasc Programme Area: Food Chemistry and Technology
University: Victoria University (VU)
Supervisors: Dr Noel McCarthy, Teagasc; Professor Todor Vasiljevic, Victoria University
Funder: VU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (VUIPRS) and Teagasc