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Elena Hayes

Project Title: Development of Digital Milk Map


Elena is developing a geo-visualisation tool for milk quality and functionality in real time through the creation of the digital milk map to identify trends over time and predict composition. Elena will be gaining experience in rheology, ICP-MS, FTIR spectroscopy alongside data analysis skills .The work will involve using mid infrared spectroscopy (MIR) to predict milk processability. This will be done by developing model milk systems and varying composition that have a known effect on processing techniques such as RCT and heat stability and analysing these through wet chemistry methods. These will be scanned on an FT-MIR instrument and the spectral data will be analysed to see if there are correlations between the specific changes in milk and spectral data that can be related to processability. There is a need for a rapid method of analysis for milk functionality due to the increased demand for high quality milk derived products such as skim milk powder and infant formula, which, in recent years have become a significant part of Irish dairy exports. Small compositional changes in the milk can have significant effects on the quality of these products.

Programme Area: Food chemistry and technology 

Professional platform: 

Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5211-4331

Email: Elena.hayes@teagasc.ie

Supervisors: Dr. Mark Fenelon, Professor Colm O’ Donnell and Dr. Derek Greene

Location: Moorepark research centre, Fermoy, Co. Cork

Funding Source: VistaMilk, SFI