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Gaelle Esnault

Project Title: Development of untargeted and targeted portable and rapid molecular diagnostics of viral pathogens associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD)

Overview: The overall objective of my PhD project is to characterise the virome of the upper respiratory tract of calves from, controlled infection in vivo models of BRD (BoHV-1 and BRSV) and, from calves clinically diagnosed with bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Viral diagnostics of nasal, nasopharyngeal and lung samples from healthy and BRD calves will be carried out using quantitative PCR (qPCR), third generation sequencing and next generation sequencing (NGS) approaches.

This field interests me because etiological diagnosis of infectious disease is still very challenging and better methods are needed. The identification of the pathogens is the more and more important because of the implication in public health (zoonosis, animal welfare, antibiotic resistance, economic loses)

I’m an Italian veterinary and I would like to work in international organizations as OIE, FAO and EFSA.

Programme Area: Infectious disease diagnostics

Supervisors: Bernadette Earley and Thomas Barry

Location: Teagasc Grange, Dunsany, Co. Meath

Funding Source: Teagasc