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Project Title: Value addition to aqua culture seaweeds for novel functional food development.

Overview: Laura's research interests are in the future of food and sustainable food production. She is interested in alternative proteins, the valorisation of waste and developing value-added ingredients. Laura's background is in entomology and she has industry experience in novel protein production and commercial insect-farming. She also runs her own food business centered around fermentation and gut-health. Laura's current project is on the development of value-added functional whole food and food ingredients from Irish seaweeds and the extraction of valuable ingredients for multiple markets.

Main research topics include:

  • Irish seaweeds.
  • Novel processing.
  • Green food technology.
  • New proteins.
  • Value-added ingredients.

Programme area: Food Chemistry and Technology.

Supervisors: Prof. Brijesh Tiwari, Dr Carl Sullivan, Prof James Curtin, Dr Uma Tiwari.

Location: Technical University Dublin (TUD).

Funding source: SFI.