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Project title: Eco-Friendly Compostable Pectin-Based Materials Derived From Waste Sources of Fruit Pulp and it's Validation in Bread Packaging

Overview: Monjurul’s research work is based on biopolymer formulation and packaging film manufacturing using extrusion technologies. The biopolymers used in this research will be derived from food processing waste streams and will principally focus on the use of pectin extracts from fruit by-products (apple pomace) for film manufacture for fresh bread packaging. Films and flexible packaging comprise 25% of all plastic packaging and represent non-recyclable food packaging waste which is either incinerated or goes to landfill. New ambitious European legislation is already in place today and will require that disposal in landfills or incineration is phased out by 2025. Compostable packaging materials can be the potential solution to replace non-recyclable flexible plastic and provide nature-based solutions to return these materials back to earth. Pectin-based packaging films developed in this project can be a promising alternative to fossil-based packaging materials like plastics.

The project will explore scalable manufacturing techniques such as compounding, film extrusion, and casting technologies to develop pectin-based packaging materials. Monjurul is experienced in the lab-scale development of biopolymer-based films and their testing. Monjurul is gaining experience in scalable polymer processing and packaging film development process. In particular, he is highly interested in various types of food packaging (compostable and recyclable) to reduce plastic waste and achieve circularity in food packaging applications. When he is not in the lab he’s probably in the sports ground; he is a nature lover; likes to travel and explore.

Main research topics include:

  • Biopolymer-Based Film
  • Pectn
  • Waste Material
  • Extrusion

Programme area: Prepared Consumer Food

Supervisors: Dr. Shivani Pathania, Professor Joe Kerry

Location: Ashtown

Funding Source: DAFM