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Project title: Optimizing grazing infrastructure on dairy and beef farms


Paul is looking at current grazing infrastructure on dairy and beef farms. A review will take place of paddock size relative to herd size on a range of herd sizes. Similarly farm roadway infrastructure will be assessed in terms of surface condition and width. An assessment of infrastructure will be carried out across Ireland to ensure of a sufficient geographical spread. Research shall then out in moorepark in terms of optimal grazing infrastructure, such as optimal quality surface and entry points per paddock.

This work is very important to any pasture based farm, through helping to increase grass utilisation and days at grass, while also helping to reduce lameness on farms through optimal roadway surfaces. It is also entailed that optimal grazing infrastructure will workload on farms due to reduced labour input required while moving animals. Paul is also gaining experience in computer software training through the use of R. Paul comes from a suckler to beef enterprise, while has also worked on many dairy farms so has seen a grazing infrastructure across a wide range of farms.

Main research topics include:

  • Reviewing current farm roadways and paddocks layout.
  • Improving roadway surfaces and paddock access

Programme area: Livestock Department

Supervisors: Dr. Patrick Tuohy, Dr. Michael Murphy

Location: Moorepark Research Centre, Fermoy, Cork

Funding source: Teagasc