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Project title: Evaluation of precision livestock farming’ impacts and adoption in Irish pasture-based dairy systems

Overview:  Paula is investigating the adoption and impacts of precision livestock farming (PLF) technologies on farm performance and farm profitability of Irish pasture-based dairy systems. She will also develop a Decision Support Tool (DST) to help farmers appraise the economic outcomes of investing in several PLF technologies. Her research project will help increase profitability at farm level with more informed decision making around PLF technologies’ investments.

Paula is originally from Chile and has a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. After working with small livestock farmers, she got interested in rural sustainable development, which led her to pursue a master’s degree in agricultural economics and subsequently a master’s degree in environmental conservation. It is her professional goal to apply her mixed background in helping improving the economic, social and environmental sustainability of dairy systems. In her spare time, Paula enjoys going hiking, travelling and getting to know new cultures, specially their local food.

Main research topics unclude:

  • Impact Evaluation
  • On Frm Performance
  • Farm Profitability
  • Economic Model
  • Decision Support Tool (DST)
  • Pasture-Based Dairy Systems

Programma area: Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Programme (AGRIP)

Supervisors: Dr Laurence Shalloo, Dr Aisling O’Connor, Dr Thia Henessy, Dr Stephen Onakuse

Location: Moorepark AGRIP Research Centre, Fermoy, Co.Cork, Ireland

Funding source: VistaMilk